AMECO Customer: Pat in Van Nuys

Ameco Solar Customer with Electric Bil
Pat proudly displays her electric bill that’s been reduced to less than $10 thanks to solar.

Location: Van Nuys, CA
Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV)
Solar System Details: 14 PV Panels with a Central “String” Inverter

Electric Bill Before: $200
Electric Bill After: $9
Reduced by 96%!

Originally from Malta, Pat has spent much of her life traveling around the globe. After seeing so many natural wonders up close, she decided to lead a green life as a way to preserve the world’s treasures. Whether driving her Prius hybrid car, following a mainly vegetarian diet or tending to her organic garden, she always aims to be environmentally conscious.

When her daughter installed solar panels on her garage in Arizona and was extremely pleased with the results, Pat was convinced that it was time to install a solar system on her home. “Just the idea of the sun going to waste when it could be doing all these good things made me want to go solar,” she said.

Of course, the fact that she could save money by using solar energy was an added benefit. The hot weather in Van Nuys often required her to use the air conditioner driving up her electricity bills to $200 a month.

Technicians for Sustainability, the Tucson-based renewable energy company that installed her daughter’s solar system, recommended Pat get in touch with AMECO for her solar installation in California. She explained, “They told me AMECO is a reliable and long-standing company, so I called you right away.”

Solar Electric System in Van Nuys
Now, fourteen solar PV panels provide most of the power that Pat needs for her home.

During the site evaluation, AMECO Solar Consultant Todd Fanady discussed her solar options and explained the different steps of the installation process. After their conversation, Pat decided to install 14 PV panels on her roof. Shortly thereafter, the AMECO crew arrived and took only a day and a half to install the solar electric system.

Since her solar system has been turned on, Pat has received two bills with zero electricity charges. She enjoys checking the solar monitor to see how many pounds of carbon dioxide she has saved so far. In just a few months, she has already saved 2,800 pounds!

Going Carbon Neutral with Solar
Each day Pat checks to see how much carbon her solar system is saving.

Happy that she’s reducing her carbon footprint with solar energy, Pat tells everyone about her great experience with AMECO. Her friends in Northridge already took her advice and are now using an AMECO solar system to power their home as well. She’s hoping more people will follow suit soon.