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Ameco utilizes top-tier technology to build a unique roofing solution for your home or business, all without having to leave the couch.

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We specialize in holistic roofing solutions that give you maximum energy independence and greater cost savings across your property.

An animation showing the layers of a roof, from rafters to solar panels.
Graphic of a shingle roof.

Composite Shingle Roofing

As a preferred contractor by Owens Corning our energy consultants can offer Cool Roof Shingles that help keep your roof cooler for a more comfortable home. Cool Roof Collection Shingles are specifically designed to reflect the energy of the sun and absorb less heat than standard shingles, without limiting your color options. Every shingle in the COOL Roof Collection features a precise mix of solar-reflecting granules to help comply with the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) requirements of Title 24, Part 6, even with deeper, vibrant colors.

Graphic of a building with flat roofs.

Flat Roof Replacement

A good quality, well-maintained flat roof should last about 10-20 years. It’s time to replace it when the roof begins to develop cracks, tears, or separations in the material. If you notice water pooling in certain areas, or dark stains where water has been pooling during wet weather. You’ll want to consider replacing your roof when it develops leaks that are difficult to find and repair.

Graphic of a tile roof.

Tile Roof Replacement

Tile roofs are commonly known for providing the longest track record of durable performance compared to other roofing materials. Now day tiles are designed to resist warm or cold weather to affect the indoor temperature. Roof tiles are available in a range of colors, sizes and shapes. Whether you have a Mediterranean, Spanish, Colonial, or Contemporary designed home, our team of experts knows exactly what to do. If you need our experience to determine if you need to replace your tile roof or if you need a replacement, we've got you covered!

3D Home

Visualize your project in even greater detail  with our custom 3D home builder partnered with Hover. Take a few simple photos and see how your roofing and solar options will look on your property.

Visualize Your Home
A 3D model of a home.

Virtual Roofing Process

More slope pitch, less sales pitch.

We have perfected a streamlined and completely virtual process to make roofing services as accessible as possible!

Step 001
Remote Estimate
Step 002
Energy Solution Design
Step 003
On-site Measurements
Step 004
Project Installation

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