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Don’t let all that good sunshine go to waste! Ameco helps you achieve the dream of solar independence for your home or businesses.

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Our Solar Services

We specialize in holistic solar solutions that give you maximum energy independence and greater cost savings across your property.

Graphic of solar panels on the roof of a garage.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels with us is a breeze and will substantially reduce your utility bills, allowing you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Ameco will procure all the necessary permits and coordinate with your HOA and utility company to issue all clearances.

In addition to your average electricity use, our in-house design team will carefully ensure that your roof meets certain criteria to provide you with the best-performing solar panel system. We will consider your home’s average electricity use and balance aesthetics with efficiency to optimize your home solar system.

Learn more about what makes a home a great candidate for solar.

Graphic of a battery installed on a garage wall.

Battery Installation

Combining solar with battery backup is a game-changer, particularly come fire season. By storing extra energy captured from the sun, you are still able to power essential appliances in the event of an outage and contributing to a more sustainable future. Solar backup batteries are also an excellent alternative to noisy, fuel-burning generators.

Graphic of an electric car charging from a battery in a garage.

EV Charging Station

For those customers looking to make an even greater environmental and savings impact, an electric vehicle is a great solution. Convert your garage with an EV charging station thats simple, safe and stress free, It's as easy as plugging and unplugging a charging cord!


We don’t give you the run around with pushy sales calls or 3rd party middlemen. Estimate your solar or roofing project online in minutes – the way it oughta be.

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We manage every part of the solar installation process so that the switch to solar energy is easy and painless for you.

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Solar Energy Projects & Insights

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