AMECO Projects: Solar Project in Pasadena


Check out this solar project Pasadena, CA.

Take a look at this beautiful solar installation in the Pasadena neighborhood. This project with countless others was a real pleasure to work on. This customer was not only looking to lower their electric bill, but also looking to lower their carbon foot print. One thing people are facing is more time at home such as this client and just like this customer many people are seeing an increase in their electric usage. For this client we would wanted to get a complete understanding of the client usage, budget, and also forecast usage.

Once we gathered this information we were able to create a custom system for the client. The type of system we created for the client was using top of the line REC panels and we used Solaredge optimizers to maximize solar production. Since going solar the our customer has been able to enjoy thousands in years savings and at the same time they are doing their part to help the environment.

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Pasadena, CA




2 Months


Panel Brand: REC

Inverter Brand: SolarEdge

System Size: 4.38