AMECO Projects: Solar Panels in Fountain Valley


Check out these super sleek solar panels in Fountain Valley, CA.

Our team of solar experts had a great time working with this homeowner on their journey to solar.

As with most SoCal homeowners they had two main reasons for wanting to add rooftop solar panels. High electricity rates and a desire for clean energy.

Fountain Valley sits right in the middle of Orange County, which means high utility bills. The average Fountain Valley homeowner pays 15.98¢/kWh. Keep in mind, this is a base rate and does not consider peak rates which can climb to over 40¢/kWh depending on the time of use rate increases.

For further context, this means the average Fountain Valley resident pays 4.17% more than the California average and 34.51% more than the national average.

Adding rooftop solar panels, like this homeowner did, immediately reduces your monthly electricity bills and allows you to save tens of thousands of dollars in the long-run.

Also, adding solar panels can drastically cut down on your carbon footprint. Rather than using grid-based electricity that utility companies generate in unsustainable way, solar panels allow you to capture energy to power your home carbon free!

Ready to make the switch to solar? Then contact the experts at AMECO to see how much we can help you save when you go solar.


Fountain Valley


$10,000 - $25,000




2 Months


Panel Brand: REC

Inverter Brand: SolarEdge

System Size: 8.9