AMECO Projects: Solar Panels in Santa Clarita


Check out this solar panels in Santa Clarita, CA.

This client wanted to go solar to take control of their electric bill before the summer months. This client also wanted to go solar to cut down their carbon foot print. We were happy to assist this customer on going solar while staying in the customer budget. Also, we were able to build a custom system that fulfilled the clients usage.  

For this custom system built for the client we decided to go with REC panels and we used a Solaredge optimizers for maximum solar production. Since going solar this customer has been able to enjoy Thousands of dollars in yearly savings. Not only was client able to enjoy the yearly savings, but the tax incentives that come with going solar as well. There are numerous reasons/benefits for going solar, which are energy experts are happy to go over with you. Check out our Yelp to hear our customers experiences working with us.

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Santa Clarita, CA




2 Months


Panel Brand: REC

Inverter Brand: SolarEdge

System Size: 13320