AMECO Projects: Solar Power in Long Beach


Check out this solar power Long Beach, CA.

This is a beautiful solar installation in the neighborhood of Long Beach. This customer wanted to take control of their electric bill. To do this the best solution is by going solar and not did they take control of their bill are also helping the environment. Most clients in the beginning are not too familiar on how solar worked, but that is why our experts are happy to help in teaching our clients on how solar works.

In the initial consultation with our energy experts they always want to ensure they understand our clients usage, budget, and forecasted usage. The solution we had for this client is going with REC panels and Enphase microinverters to optimize solar production. As for the mounts for the panel we went with Ironridge mounts to ensure that the panels were  nicely flush to the clients roof. Since going solar our customer has been able to enjoy Thousands in yearly savings.

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Long Beach




2 Months


Panel Brand: REC

Inverter Brand: Enphase

System Size: 10360