AMECO Customers: Dan Hopper in Long Beach


Owner: Dan Hopper

Type: Residential

Address: Claremore Ave.,, Long Beach, CA


Type: Solar PV

Installed: April 2022

Size of System: 8000 kW

Professionals & Suppliers


Enphase Energy

REC (San Mateo, CA)

What You Need to Know


We got 20 x REC400 installed to have our solar power needs properly met. Also, got Enphase IQ7A and Enphase AC Combiner together with envoy so we can view the production of our solar panel system with our phones and computers.

My Motivation:

The main reason I went solar has been the need for lowering electricity costs. Also, in that way I increase the value of my house, which reaffirms how wise my investment is.


All those who are thinking of saving on their electric bills and going solar, you better do it the sooner you can, as the 26% tax credit is valid for systems installed until the end of 2022.

Experience with Installer:

Installers and the whole AMECO team did a great job. They were quick, neat, and I felt how much they care for my stress-free experience.