AMECO Customers: Linda and Dan in Santa Ana

With their new AMECO solar system, Linda and Dan will save between $2500 to $3,000 a year.

Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV)

Solar System Details: 22 PV Panels with a Central “String” Inverter

Electric Bill After: $1.74

Reduced by 99%!

With retirement on the horizon, Linda and Dan started to evaluate their monthly budget and figure out ways to reduce costs. After some research, they quickly realized they could save a substantial amount of money by going solar.

Before they installed PV panels on the garage of their Santa Ana home, they were paying about $250 a month for electricity. However, when guests would visit during the summer and they had to run two air conditioners in the house, the bill would creep up to $300 or more. “Our electrical bill was becoming a large expense and Edison was continuing to increase rates,” explained Dan, a chemistry teacher at the local high school, “We wanted to invest in solar energy before our bill got even higher.”

The couple researched many solar installation companies, receiving estimates from a total of four firms. Though they were originally impressed by our reviews on Angie’s List, they eventually signed a contract with AMECO because of the no-pressure sales environment and the knowledgeable staff. “Todd really knew his stuff,” Linda said, “He went above and beyond to answer all of our questions, many of which were too difficult for the other companies to answer.”

After a quick and easy installation by the AMECO crew, Linda was extremely happy with the result. She immediately shared photos with her friends on Facebook, wrote her own glowing review on Angie’s List highlighting our personal customer service and even sent a handwritten note thanking us for the solar system.

While solar is saving the couple money in the short term, they are well aware of the long term financial benefits. Investing in a solar electric system will give them a 20% return-on-investment, significantly more than any other type of investment that they could make at this time.

Now that solar energy is powering their home and the savings is going straight to their bank account, Linda and Dan are prepared for an easygoing and enjoyable retirement. Congrats to another pair of happy AMECO customers!