AMECO Customers: Richard in Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, CA
Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV)
Solar System Details:  5.3 kW installed in 2008 & 2.1 kW installed in 2013

Previous Average Bill: $220/month
Previous Christmas Bill: $600/month
Present: “Having no bill at all for the whole year, makes it really nice.”

Richard originally went solar with Ameco in 2008.  He was looking to reduce his bills to SCE after seeing a $600 bill during Christmas time.  With his family using more electricity, Richard upgraded his system in 2013 to keep his electric bill virtually nonexistent.

“We started looking around, we went to a few other companies and it just seemed like they were trying to get on the bandwagon to do solar.

So, when we found Pat with AMECO, he had been in the business for years and had a lot of experience. I also found out that he was connected with the lobbyists and he was doing a bunch of the negotiations for solar…and that impressed me.”

– Richard Bowman, Long Beach, CA

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