AMECO Customers: Rita & Nick in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Solar Installation

Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV)

Solar System Details: 20 PV Panels with Micro-Inverters and Monitoring System

Electric Bill After: $22

Reduced by 90%!

Ever since the neighbor across the street installed a solar system six years ago, Rita and Nick had been toying with the idea of going solar. With Rita working from home and two teenage girls constantly watching TV and using blow dryers, their electricity bill was already on the high side. But it wasn’t until 2012 when Edison hiked electricity rates and they saw their bill increase significantly that the family became more serious about investing in a solar system.

Close Up of Solar PV Panels

Another selling point was that AMECO offers a technologically advanced solar panel with a micro-inverter attached to the back, often referred to as an AC panel. This set-up allows the DC power generated from the sun to be immediately converted into AC power that can be used in the home. Since each panel works independently, it allows the configuration to produce the maximum amount of energy. Also, you can easily enable a monitoring system and access it online as Rita and Nick have done.

Rita reported that the installation process went smoothly, “I was at home the two and a half days that it took for the installers to complete the project. They were so polite and pleasant, and always made sure that our dogs were safe when coming in and out of the house.”

All in all, Rita and Nick are very happy with their AMECO-installed solar electric system. A few neighbors and friends have already come by asking about it and they are eager to share how they’ve reduced their electric bill to practically nothing. “I wish we could say that we went solar to be green and save the environment,” they said, “But we really did it for the other green . . . to save money!”