AMECO Projects: Solar Installation in Rolling Hills Estates


Check out this incredible solar installation in Rolling Hills Estates.

This homeowner lives in a beautiful Southern California community. This means they have ample sunlight and the perfect weather for rooftop solar panels.

After years of spending way too much for their electricity, they decided it was time to make the switch to solar.

Rolling Hills Estates has some of the highest electricity rates in the country. Their base rate, with the utility company, sits no less than 15.98¢/kWh. That is almost 40 percent higher than the national average. During peak hours, this can easily over double, reaching upwards of 50¢/kWh.

Also, as mentioned, homeowners in this region of Southern California have the perfect climate for solar. On average, Rolling Hills Estates gets 277 sunny days per year, 35 percent more than the national average of 205 annual sunny days. While solar can still prove effective in less sunny areas, the more sun the better!

Going solar in Rolling Hills Estates really is a no-brainer.

Ready to start saving by making the switch to solar? Then contact the energy advisors at AMECO to see how much you can save when you go solar with us!


Rolling Hills Estates


$10,000 - $25,000




2 Months


Panel Brand: LG

Inverter Brand: SolarEdge

System Size: 4.07kW