AMECO Solar Customers: Sarojni and Bruce in Long Beach

Bruce and Sarojni have been enjoying the benefits of solar electricity since 2007.

Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV)

Solar System Details: 27 PV Panels with a Central “String” Inverter

Electric Bill After: $6

Reduced by 98%!

To say that Sarojni and Bruce are environmentally conscious is an understatement; the Long Beach-based couple should really be considered environmental pioneers. They were recycling many years before the city provided curb-side bins and have always maintained a composting system at their home.

As a landscape designer, Bruce uses drought-resistant plants whenever possible while his wife Sarojni created the Long Beach Green Guide, a comprehensive online directory & resource for green products and services in Long Beach.

In an effort to meet other eco-minded people, Sarojni attended the first Long Beach Green Drinks gathering in the fall of 2007. It was during one of these events that she met Todd Fanady, one of AMECO Solar’s representatives. They talked about his bio-diesel fueled car and briefly discussed the benefits of solar energy.

With 27 solar panels installed on the rooftop of their home, the couple reduced their bill by 98%.

Shortly thereafter, he visited their home to evaluate it for solar. “Todd really educated us during the first consultation. I honestly had no idea how electricity is powered by so much coal,” Sarojni explained. The couple recognized that solar would not only benefit the earth, but would also benefit their finances.

“Since we were already accustomed to paying high electricity bills at an average of $250 a month, we decided to apply that money to a solar loan instead. The idea was that the solar system would be paid off in 6-7 years and then our energy would be completely free,” Bruce explained.

The Ameco Solar installation crew was able to overcome some challenges resulting in an impressive installation.

Though their roof had some challenges, the AMECO Solar installers were able to use a special technique to bypass 2-3 inches of insulation panels and mount the solar panels into the wooden support beams. Bruce shared, “We were pretty impressed, the installation went really well.”

The couple’s solar installation was completed mid-December of 2007. Now, almost 6 years later, Bruce and Sarojni are happy to use renewable energy to power their home. “Relying on fossil fuel is not the answer,” Bruce stated. By installing solar panels, they hope to encourage social change and inspire more of the community to go solar as well.