Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' on Climate Change


This past Sunday, Bill Nye went on the NBC News show “Meet the Press” to discuss climate change with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, a representative from Tennessee.

Of the popular TV show Bill Nye, The Science Guy, Nye is a respected scientist who has never shied away from controversial topics. During this segment, he makes some strong statements about climate change and what can be done to help reduce it.

While he sprinkles scientific facts throughout the 13 minute long segment, the true gems are Nye’s inspirational call-to-action at minute 11:20. He says, “The longest journey starts with but a single step. We all have to acknowledge that we have a problem…it would be in everybody’s best interest to get going, as they like to say, do everything all at once.”

Nye then lists out actions that we can take that will help us move away from climate change. These actions include having fewer coal-fired plants, producing less energy waste, requiring more efficient transportation systems, and making more reliable electricity transmission systems.

He continues with an important statement where he says “We want to do more with less.” As he begins to touch on solar energy production, he’s cut off by the debate mediator and the segment ends shortly thereafter.

Nye’s comments are a great reminder about why some of us got into the solar industry. Sure, a solar panel installation can save a homeowner or a business a great deal of money. There’s no denying that this is an important benefit of solar energy.

However, relying on the sun for your electricity is undeniably good for our entire planet. For us, one solar installation in Southern California means that we are one step closer to closing a dirty energy plant and helping to reduce climate change.

Watch the entire video of the Nye/Blackburn climate change debate on the NBC News “Meet the Press” website.