Enphase IQ8 Transforms Solar Inverter Technologies

As Enphase has announced its release of solar inverters, it is important for people who use solar panels to learn its benefits. Enphase IQ8 upgrade, which is an exciting update, promises to be the most advanced battery backup for stabilizing power. It will also make sure that you will not come across power interruptions every time in case of bad weather.

Of course, backup power without the need to use batteries would be ideal and much more convenient. But before explaining the benefits and why you should consider getting a solar panel inverter, it would help to understand how solar panels work. This basic understanding will allow you to utilize them more efficiently. 

Why use inverters?

The inverters’ main function is that converts the AC (alternating current) energy into DC (direct current). DC energy can be stored in batteries. In the future, when the power in your house suddenly goes off, you can rely on your inverter to convert the AC energy into DC and stop worrying about not having enough energy for your appliances to run. This function can also serve you well during rainy days. Even though they don’t occur that often, still using an inverter will be a backup for not running out of energy during rainy days. It will allow you to use the restored power in your grid during winter.

Besides, the IQ8 series provides six models, all of which have their own power capacity. With this wide range of models, you won’t have to worry about finding the appropriate inverter for your panel. 

For example, IQ8A (max input is 295 W – 500 W), IQ8H (max input is 320 W – 540+ W), or IQ8M (max input is 235 W – 460 W) which are higher capacity models, can be used for larger solar panels. 

If you have a smaller, more residential solar panel, then the model IQ8+ (max input is 235 W – 440 W) will be the right choice for you. 

IQ8+ inverters

The economic and environmental benefits of inverters

Another important aspect of this is when you convert the DC energy into AC energy, you are also ensuring you are not wasting any energy. In case of the panel produces more energy than needed, a solar panel kit with a battery and inverter stores the energy back in the grid. This way, you can use it later for your electronics, during days that are not very sunny. This feature is not only useful economically and financially but also is beneficial to the environment. So when using inverters and saving energy, you’re doing good to yourself, nature, and future generations. And if you want to learn how much energy you are consuming and producing, you can do that with the app specifically designed for that. The app helps you to track the management of the Enphase systems. You can also turn on and off your appliances with this app.

The different types of inverters

The first type of inverter is the string inverter. It connects a series of panels (strings) to the inverter and converts the energy generated by the whole string into alternating current (AC). This way, if you encounter any difficulties with your panels, you will have less produced energy on the string. 

Next, we have microinverters. As their name suggests, they are smaller in size. They must be installed on every panel. This way, if one of the panels experiences any problems, it will not affect the functionality of the other panels. 

Presenting the IQ8 inverter

The high-performance inverter Enphase IQ8 is equipped with a special chip. This makes switching between on-grid and off-grid more coherent. Its special breakthrough is Burst Mode.

The technology ensures you have electricity even during cloudy and gray days. In case of new features, the system does the automatic update itself through the Internet so you won’t have to spend any time doing it yourself. 

What makes the Enphase IQ8 unique?

What IQ8 Enphase does that has actually never been done before, is allowing the installation of any kind of battery storage. Prior to this upgrade, the amount of storage your batteries had depended on how large your solar panel system was. Enphase IQ8 inverter is able to act without a battery and provide you with sunlight backup. Not only that, but Enphase IQ8 availability in your house gives you the ability to control the flow of the energy. Its technology is smart enough to understand the overall energy flow inside the house and adjust its functions based on them. If it sees the panel catches more energy but consumes less, it will immediately understand the situation; it will shut the system down until the excess energy is completely finished. 

In case of an emergency or accident, the system’s Rapid Shutdown will immediately turn off the solar power, which would allow first responders and utility employers to do their job safely.  

enphase IQ8

IQ8 can serve its duty, whether it is connected to the utility grid or not, due to its fast processing. Its speed helps its system create an AC microgrid that directly processes the panel’s output. As a result, you will have your own power grid wherever your solar panels are installed, so the DC to AC inversion process will go without having to send electricity to the utility grid.

The important function of batteries

Another important aspect is Enphase IQ8’s cutting-edge battery technology. The Recharge battery does the important function of storing power. As it keeps the excess energy accumulated throughout the day, you can let go of the worry of not having electricity during the night or power outages. So, you will no longer need to have a solar panel kit with a battery and inverter. Though the microinverters of Enphase IQ8 cannot store as much energy as batteries do, you can generate and consume solar power even when there are grid outages.

Why choose us?  

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Hopefully, you understood the importance of using inverters with your solar panel. Enphase IQ8 is a great investment for homeowners who want to upgrade their solar energy production as it is sustainable and includes 25 years of limited warranty. After you have gotten your solar panels from AMECO Solar and Roofing, consider looking for Enphase IQ8 for sale, as it will give you better value over time.