Everything You Need to Know About Span Smart Panel and its Benefits

As solar panels are becoming more common in the homes of California, many homeowners feel like they should use the newly created smart solar technology that integrates all the electrical devices in the house. That’s exactly what Span Smart Panel is for.

What is Span Smart Panel

According to Span, their product helps homeowners control the energy flow inside their houses. It can be used for solar panel batteries, solar panels, and EV charging. The panel will help you use your energy more efficiently and intelligently.

The panel is a white rectangular box. All of the electronics inside your house get wired to the Span Smart Electric Panel, and then you can control each of them individually using their mobile app. Each Span Electrical Panel can be attached to 32 separate circuits, allowing the Smart Panel to monitor and operate the entire home. As it is weather-resistant, you can place it outdoors. 

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Battery Optimization

Span Panel is a pretty effective product itself. However, paired with a home battery system, it can be more useful and tell you how much energy is left in your battery. Furthermore, it can efficiently handle electricity during a power outage. If the outage lasts more than a day, the smart panel will help you determine whether the battery can power your home till the sun rises the next day. If you feel like any unnecessary circuits are taking away the energy from your battery, you can use Span’s remote control to turn them off. 

Technical Aspects of Span Electric Panel

As you will be using an electrical panel, learning further about some technical specifications is important. It accepts 1-in residential breakers and has a 100A-200A breaker.

You can connect Span Panels to WiFi, Bluetooth, and LTE/4G Internet, which means you can control the power flow inside your house even if you’re somewhere else. 

The model supports a current-carrying capacity of 90 amps for each circuit. That means that the power input makes about 2,000 amps per circuit. 

Span Panel’s Mobile App

Besides controlling the house’s electrical system, Span Panel’s mobile app also analyzes the connected devices. If the appliances happen to malfunction, the analysis will help you understand the issue better and come up with a solution. To have better control over your battery, the app has three defined levels of priority, where you can place any circuit within those levels:

In addition, it can also be integrated into a solar panel for EV (electric vehicle) to track how much power your vehicles receive. You can also monitor how much energy you’re sending to the grid if your solar panel system is grid-tied. 

It’s Also Aesthetically Pleasing!

Span is modern-looking and equipped with a glass door, so it will look great no matter where you install it. It can also be customized according to your preferences, so it looks nice with the interior design of your house. It is weather-resistant and can withstand sun, rain, and snow. So, if you feel like putting it outside, you can do that too without worrying about it getting spoiled. 

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Start Using Span Smart Panel with AMECO Solar and Roofing 

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