Everything You Need To Know About The SCE Rate Increase

If you are a homeowner in Southern California Edison territory, you probably know how high the electricity cost can get there. Not only are rates increasing more often, but it seems like they’re being raised higher each time. 

Let’s take a further look to understand this situation and try to find alternative solutions. 


The main reasons for rate increases are the growth of natural gas prices because of the economic changes and the fact that the utilities have to cover the costs of paying employees and services and buy new materials and equipment to avoid staying behind. As SCE has claimed in their latest notice, the rate increase is made for daily operations and affording equipment and electricity grid. Additionally, It also will cover the anticipated costs for the next two years (2021-2024). 


SCE has already applied for a rate increase in 2021 and the next three years. According to that application, the rate increase was equal to $14 in 2021, will be $4 in 2022, and $6 in 2023. Compared to the previous year, the rate of increased growth will be 14%. To understand how big this number is, it is important to know that the increase was only 18% over the last ten years. It will be difficult to manage such abrupt rate increases.


If you live within the SCE territory, you might consider it a more efficient source of energy. So what can you do to pay less money for electricity? The answer is evident – you can consider going solar. You can produce power from the sun, which is low maintenance and a reliable source of energy. To do so, you will need to use a solar panel system. Their usage significantly reduces the number of bills you pay for electricity, helping you save thousands of dollars annually. 


First and foremost, you will pay significantly less money for electricity. Besides the fact that it will help you pay fewer energy bills, solar energy is much better for the environment. Today, most of our energy is still created by burning fossil fuels, accelerating the emission of greenhouse gasses, which, in part, are responsible for causing air pollution. So, if you’re thinking of having a more environmentally friendly life, then going solar can be a great start. 

It will be even better if you start using solar panels for EV. You can charge your electric vehicle using the sun’s energy and save even more. Considering the SCE rate increase, this could be the perfect time for going solar. 

If you are trying to figure out which solar panel is more appropriate for your house and the reason for different solar panel types, then you have come to the right place. However, there are two systems, in particular, we’re going to discuss here; commercial and water heating solar panels. 


A commercial solar panel system consists of multiple photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, which allows the system to generate even more energy. It is perfect for larger buildings to meet their power needs. Commercial solar panel is also low maintenance and has zero greenhouse gas or carbon emissions. They generate enough energy during the day so they can be used at night too. And the best part is, they last for about 15-20 years. So, if you are looking for a system appropriate for a larger building, then commercial solar panel installation is exactly for you. You can contact AMECO Solar and Roofing for the best commercial solar panel. 


Many homeowners in Southern California choose to heat their pools with gas or an electric heater. As a result, they spend twice as much money as they would if they went for a solar panel pool heater.  Since it uses energy from the sun,  you won’t have to spend money on expensive gas or worry about the SCE increase rate. 

Moreover, you will get the chance to enjoy swimming in your pool for four to six more months. 

The solar panel hot water heater works through its circulation pump, which pours the water into the solar collector and then runs into the riser tubes where the water gets heated by the sun. This is an automatic process that continues until the water reaches the appropriate temperature.


With a hot water solar panel, you can have warm water in your house AND your pool. No need to worry about running out of hot water ever again. And you can use water for house chores, cleaning, and meal preparation as much as you want. With solar panel company AMECO Solar and Roofing, it is possible to enjoy long-lasting warm showers without worrying about spending too much money, because of SCE increased rate. 


As a homeowner who wants to switch to solar, it is important to understand the difference between solar panel batteries and chargers; regardless of how similar these two items sound, there’s actually a slight difference.

The solar panel battery has one important function: to store power. It accumulates and keeps the excess energy generated during the day that you can use later. Especially after the increased energy rate, having stored power will be beneficial. 

One of the worries that homeowners with even the best solar panel have is how it will generate energy during relatively colder days and power outages. That is why we have solar panel batteries.

On the other hand, a solar panel charger can be used to charge the various electrical devices in your house, such as a cell phone, laptop, fans, etc. 


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We specialize in commercial and residential solar panel installation in Southern California, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. 

We take care of every step of your solar journey by designing the solar panel, installing it with our team of specialists, arranging an inspection, and taking care of the paperwork. And last but not least, with us, you won’t have to worry about the SCE rate increase, as the energy produced from the sun is completely free.