Faster Solar Installs With AMECO Solar!

Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed on many different types of roofs. They can be flush mounted as well as tilted up. Whenever possible it is best to install solar panel mounts while a home is being re-roofed. Composition shingle roofs are the easiest to work with. Tile roofs are more challenging and carrying solar panels across them can be like walking on egg shells.

Solar mounts “flashed-in” during the roofing process will eliminate any possibility of roof leaks. It is also much easier to locate rafters when the roof is off. All mounts need to be secured onto the roof with stainless steel lag bolts bolted through into rafters.

Having structural attachment points “flashed-in” is a wise method of installing solar panels, and the future cost of removal and re-installation of solar panels can be avoided for decades.

Solar Panel Installation Techniques

The installation procedure below demonstrates how to mount solar photovoltaic panels on a sloped roof. This installation also shows how to incorporate solar mounts into a new roof.


AMECO Solar uses Professional Solar Products “FastJack” and “Tile Trac” solar panel mounts to structurally attach solar panels to a roof.


Align mounts on top of rafters, then pre-drill with a pilot bit to avoid splitting the rafters. The rafters can be found with a stud finder.  Use a chalk line or laser sight to keep the mounts in a straight line.


Secure the mounts to the roof with stainless steel lag bolts. The roof on this house was brand new but looked sloppy, so a new layer was applied around the mounts.


Metal flashing’s were placed over the mounts and the layer of roofing was hot-mopped around the mounts. Metal rails are secured to the posts with 3/8′ stainless steel bolts.


Next we install the solar panels and connect them into an array.


The final step is to run the conduit to connect the panels to the inverter. This installation is a low profile, unobtrusive, clean, green energy making machine.

This installation is a low profile, unobtrusive, clean, green energy making machine!

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