Final Panels Installed On California Valley Solar Ranch

The California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR), a 250 megawatt (MW) solar generating station located in Eastern San Luis Obispo County, has been completed. Once fully operational, the facility will produce enough electricity to power 100,000 homes, almost the entire city of San Luis Obispo.

Energy generated by the CVSR will be transmitted over the PG&E grid, and will allow our Central Californian neighbors to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 333,000 metric tons per year.

California has a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that requires utilities to derive 33 percent of the electricity they produce from renewable sources. The CVSR project will go a long way towards meeting that goal. It is currently the largest photovoltaic plant in the state, although GreenTech Media, a clean technology website, reports that a 550 MW capacity generating station will soon begin construction in the Carrizo Plain of Central California.

The CVSR facility covers 4,700 acres, but only about 1,500 of that is actually taken up by solar panels. The remaining 3,200 acres will be set aside for permanent conservancy, in order to support several species living in the area. According to the plant's website, it will inject $315 million into the local economy both during construction and operation, while generating $10 million in total tax revenue.

This development represents a major step forward for California solar energy, but you don't need to wait for your local utility to build its own large scale plant to take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of solar power. AMECO Solar can design and install a solar electric system that will significantly lower your energy costs while improving air quality. Contact us today for more information.