GAF Solar: Exemplifying Solar + Roofing

GAF partnered with leading roofing and solar manufacturers to offer an elegant, low-profile GAF solar solution. The solar installs like a skylight, ensuring a water-tight roof that generates clean energy. GAF solar offers one warranty for the roof and solar panels. And, GAF-certified roofers will do all the work on the roof, including a seamless solar installation. 

While seeing major brands recognize and leverage the value of bundling solar + roofing, other installers have offered consumers similar solutions for decades now.
. Since the 1980s, AMECO has provided bundled solar + roofing solutions to help homeowners cut down on costs and time when replacing their roof and choosing clean energy generation via rooftop solar panels. 

GAF Solar + Roofing Approach

When a homeowner goes solar one issue that can derail the process is unexpectedly finding out they first a roof replacement. Our solar and roofing experts always recommend a thorough roof inspection before going solar to avoid any surprises. This is especially critical for older roofs. 

If you do need a roof replacement before going solar, traditionally this often means double the effort: managing two projects with two sets of budgets, contractors and timelines. In short, it means more money and effort on your end coordinating between two installers. 

Fortunately, GAF Energy’s new roof-integrated solar system provides a better option. The GAF solar + roof solution. This comes with a solar system that’s installed simultaneously by one contractor.

The best things about GAF’s solar + roofing bundle are: 

As mentioned before, this solution is incredible for homeowners. However, GAF is by far the first company to offer services like these. Although, they may be one of the biggest roofing companies to finally embrace this approach.

Solar + Roofing Trend & AMECO’s Approach

Bundling your solar and roofing just makes sense. 

Sometimes additional upfront costs can save you in the long run. If you think you need to replace your roof before going solar, you can cut down on the costs by finding an installer that does both. This eliminates the headache of coordinating between two different vendors and can cut down on the cost. 

Installers that specialize in roofing and solar, like AMECO, offer great deals for homeowners looking to upgrade their roof and install solar in one fell swoop. We also have the expertise to ensure you can take full advantage of federal, state and local rebates and incentives. 

GAF Solar Roof: A Tesla Competitor

GAF found a way to create an integrated rooftop solar solution, not unsimilar in functionality to Tesla’s solar roof. The biggest difference? Accessibility. 

The GAF solar roof seamlessly integrates with their roofing, which makes for an extremely visually appealing final product. And, based on their current number of installations, they seem to offer a reliable solution!

GAF Energy, part of GAF, one of the world’s largest roofing companies, has installed more than 2,000 integrated solar roofs. This is significantly more deployments than the higher-profile Tesla has pulled off for its solar roof tile product.

Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy, told Canary Media he expects 10 percent of all GAF roof installations to also feature solar. Considering their estimated 1 million new roofing installations annually, DeBono hopes to see 100,000 annual solar roof installations from GAF. 

While Tesla installs a similar product, they have nowhere near the roofing infrastructure to compete with GAF’s solar solution. Also, considering the recent outpouring of negative reviews of the Tesla Solar Roof, GAF Energy’s solar + roofing installation numbers, current and projected, look that much more impressive. 

Solar + Roofing: Looking To The Future

Seeing one of North America’s most prolific roofers embracing solar + roofing should cast away any doubt that the future of roofing is solar. As one of the companies to spearhead this approach, the solar and roofing experts at AMECO are ready and excited to help you with your solar and roofing needs. We offer full-scale solutions at prices you can afford. Leveraging almost 50 years of experience, coupled with a unparalleled dedication to innovation, you cannot go wrong by