How Many Solar Panels Are Needed for a 3,000 Square Foot Home?

If you’re considering going solar and trying to figure out how many panels you need for your home, you’ve come to the right place. The number of solar panels needed for any given property depends on various factors such as geographic location, climate, family lifestyle, and much more. We can guide you through this entire process so you have all the necessary information to make an educated decision before choosing among solar panel types or installing a solar panel system

Cardinal Points & Architecture 

You’ve probably figured out why cardinal directions would be relevant for a solar panel installation and may have a good hunch as to why architectural factors would be important. 

Most of us know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. However, it would take an expert to properly explain why solar panels are the most efficient when they face south, and to quantify the impact shading will have on performance. The good news is that you don’t need to hire an architect or a scientist – a solar specialist can show you exactly what needs to be installed where in order to dodge most of the shadows cast upon by trees, chimneys, and other objects that might hinder direct sunlight. AMECO’s Energy Experts will be able to create a 3D rendering of your property and advise on the optimal layout given your home’s specifics!



If you live in beautiful sunny SoCal, then you’ve won the solar lottery. Whether you need a commercial solar panel for your business or a residential solar panel for your home, AMECO will calculate the panels needed based on usage, desired aesthetic features, and some formulas they need to compute, giving you the most advantageous outcome possible. Given the microclimates in Southern California, your solar production can vary drastically depending on your specific microclimate. AMECO’s Energy Experts take this into account when determining how many panels your system will require!

Identical Square Footage, Different Usage

A common question we receive is “my neighbor has 20 panels, but you are recommending 30 panels. Why do I need more panels when we live in the same size house?” Let’s do a side-by-side comparison between two families who are neighbors and live in identical 3,000 square foot homes. In Family A, we have a young married couple who work long hours during the week and enjoy weekend getaways outside of the house to wind down and relax. Since they barely spend any time at home, they usually end up with an electricity bill of $100/month. Family B, however, is on the other end of the spectrum. They consist of middle-aged parents who love entertaining guests on a regular basis and two teenage kids who are either glued to their electronics or are inviting their own friends to swim in their pool on the weekends. Family B is paying $400 a month! How is this possible? Yes, they both live in 3,000 square foot homes, but their usage differs tremendously.

house and hand

Home Appliances

Oftentimes, buying a new electric appliance triggers clients to look into solar to avoid the increased electricity bills. The question is – how much energy will we consume with this new appliance? Our Energy Experts are trained to provide highly accurate projections no matter the appliance. We have formulas for EVs, Pool Pumps, Pool Heaters, Central Air, Heat Pumps. You name it, we’ve got it! 

Why Choose AMECO

With over forty years of experience under our belt, AMECO Solar & Roofing is considered one of the best solar companies in Southern California. We take pride in our work and guarantee customer satisfaction. All you have to do is call us at (818) 751- 0797 or email In a 30-minute Virtual Consultation, our Energy Experts can explain how solar works, assess how many panels you will need, and review potential layouts, equipment options, and financing options! Gone are the days of waiting for hours for a solar panel company rep to show up to give a high-pressure sales pitch and no information. We look forward to assisting you!