Irvine is Going Solar with AMECO!

The city of Irvine in the heart of Orange County has been going solar with AMECO since we began installing solar water heating systems in the 1970s.

Check out this video we made and see some of our installations in the Irvine neighborhoods of Orchard Hills, University Park, Northwood, Turtle Rock, and Woodbridge.

Solar offers Irvine residents an opportunity to reduce their electricity or their natural gas bills.  Homes in Irvine tend to be larger and use more electricity for air conditioning, but it doesn’t mean solar is simple in Irvine. Many homes have tile roofs, and even more homes belong to an HOA.  AMECO Solar is familiar has worked with many of them and are familiar with your solar rights and respectful of the HOAs wishes.

If you’re thinking about installing solar on your home, look no further than AMECO Solar. We offer a multitude of solar technology options whether you are reducing your Southern California Edison bill, or if you want to look into SoCal Gas Company solar rebates. Call AMECO today! 562-633-4400

Solar Irvine University District