Solar Day of Action Event in Los Angeles

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Cody Loves her Sunpower Sample!

Finally there is an event  for the Solar Day of Action in Southern California! There is a national event in DC on June 21st celebrating the Solstice and the solar industry.  It was actually really starting to bug me that there wasn’t anything in the sunny area… obviously not to the point where I would actually do something about it. #Lazy

Come join Organizing For Action’s West Los Angeles Solar Day of Action!  “Join OFA volunteers for a brief talk on the economic and environmental benefits of solar power and a free screening of the documentary ‘Here Comes the Sun’ at the Mar Vista Public Library on June 21st. Learn about how solar energy is part of the solution to climate change, and how the switch to solar energy is not only possible, but can generate significant benefits in our communities and in our pocketbooks. #PutSolarOnIt” says the event page.

Why should you attend? Solar is growing and benefits society tremendously.  Aside from the countless environmental benefits, solar creates thousands of jobs and securitizes us for the future. Solar has already grown at crazy rates, but it’s still under attack.  Utilities and politicians nationwide are continuously trying to put limits and fees on solar installations.  Help us show the support solar deserves on the longest day of the year!

Lazier than me? Don’t worry, I’ve created three levels of laziness participation:

“Back Scratchers Double as Reaching Sticks” Level

o   There is a Cute Pet Photo Contest with the prize being $1,000 credit to solar! Good luck beating Cody!

 “But the Remote is Over There” Level

o   Climate Reality is also running a #PutSolarOnIt Selfie campaign. Check out ours and create your own!

“It’s Sunday Already?!?” Level

o   Be sure to post and share the social media statuses on Saturday and include #PutSolarOnIt in posts.  Maybe schedule one so you can sleep in though.


Event Details:


Saturday, June 21, 2014 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Mar Vista Branch Library

Los Angeles
CA 90066