Solar Industry Chiefs Celebrate the Pace of Renewable Energy

A pair of recent interviews with some of the solar industry's top professionals has shown that, as far as these chief executive officers are concerned, there is little stopping the growth of the solar energy movement. 

In a sit-down talk with Bloomberg News, SunPower head Tom Werner speculated that within the next ten years, the solar industry will begin to supplant traditional sources of power like coal, oil and natural gas. His forecast is based on current expansion projections in California and abroad, which have been encouraged primarily by educational outreach that promotes the benefits of solar. He also pointed to growing demand for quality solar panels for homes that are both more durable and energy efficient. Because of this market strength, he predicts that more Americans will opt to buy these electric systems for their residences.

According to CleanTechina, a green community news source, the CEO of a major German solar panel maker said in an interview with the German-language newspaper Deutsche Welle that solar power might even become cheaper than coal one day. While more technological development is needed to push solar efficiency to new heights, he suggested that shifting perspectives on fossil fuels and growing alarm over the dangers of coal burning could push more households and businesses to adopt solar power.

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