UC Riverside to Hold Conference on Prospects of Solar

UC Riverside’s conference on the solar energy industry will highlight California’s solar growth in recent years.

The University of California, Riverside will be hosting a conference in February where state energy officials and private citizens will gather to discuss the solar industry and its prospects for growth in the future. The conference, which is being hosted by the UC Riverside Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy (SCRICE), will be held at the Bourns College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology.

Educating Officials about the Solar Energy Industry

Riverside is one of the most active areas in the state in terms of solar energy development, and has become a major industry focus. The university itself has announced plans to build a large solar panel array on its property to provide the school with a third of its energy needs.

Therefore, its little surprise that such a conference would be held at UC Riverside. The event will include several speakers including David Hochschild, a member of the California Energy Commission, Sarah Kurtz of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and V. John White of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies.

“This conference is meant to be a one-stop for officials interested in the latest trends and developments in the solar energy industry,” said Alfredo Martinez Morales, managing director of the SCRICE.

Spotlight on Solar Growth in California

There’s certainly a lot to talk about when it comes to solar power in California. Our state continues to lead the nation in solar installations by a significant margin. It doubled its rooftop generating capacity from 1,000 megawatts (MW) to 2,000 MW in 2013, adding more solar installations in one year than had been built in the previous 30 combined.

Overall, about 40 percent of the country’s solar power generating infrastructure is located here, and it appears that this trend will continue well into the future as the state movies closer to its Renewable Portfolio Standard goals. These benchmarks require that the state’s utilities derive one-third of the electricity they produce from renewable sources such as Orange County solar and wind power.

Solar Successes Stem from Solar Rebates and Policies

The key to this growth has been a public policy environment that has aggressively supported the solar industry. Programs such as  net metering and federal tax incentives have lowered the cost of solar for those who want to convert their homes. In addition, the availability of leasing options and power purchase agreements has given homeowners more flexibility in choosing how they want to pay for their panels.

Hopefully the conference yields dividends in terms of generating ideas and educating the public about this terrific technology, which is helping Southern Californians save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills.

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