How Much Does Roof Tile Repair Cost in 2023?

Nothing lasts forever, not even the roof of your dream home. You need to conduct regular inspections of your roof throughout its lifetime for important safety and aesthetic reasons.

A well-maintained roof is also needed for many upgrades in the future, like switching your household to solar.

While all roofs bear a reasonable amount of superficial damage over the years, the average life of a roof could be between 15 and 30 years. Most will need to be checked for replacement when they near the end of their lifetime. Roofs are particularly susceptible to damage from environmental factors after a decade or two.

But how much does it cost to replace roof tiles? Is there an option to repair them instead of replacing them outright?

Read on to understand the intricacies of residential roofing installation, maintenance, and when it may need your attention.

Replacement or Repair: What Does Your Roof Need?

Before you go looking for a roofing company that can tend to your needs, you should know whether your roof needs to be replaced or not. The extent of damage will dictate the cost of roof tile replacement, along with other contributing factors.

Here are the tell-tale signs of roof damage that you should not ignore:

  1. The shingles on your roof are starting to cup, curl, or claw. Buckling shingles indicate that your roof can no longer protect your home.
  2. The tiles on your roof have prominent bald spots, or you are missing a few. You may also notice too much grit in the gutters where your roof has eroded.
  3. Your interiors are experiencing leaks. This could happen in your attic to the walls in certain areas. Leaks can also damage the flashing around your chimney and vents.
  4. There are dark streaks on your roof. These marks correspond to heavy moss growth in the crevices of the tiles and are detrimental to the health of the roof.
  5. There are structural issues like sagging.

If you notice one or more of these happening to your roof, it’s time to replace it. The cost of replacing roof tiles varies, but you can expect to spend around $5,888 to $12,805 on average.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof Tile?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof Tile?

That depends on several factors, including the following:


The cost of replacing tile roofs is influenced by your choice of one of the different types of roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are some of the most versatile and budget-friendly options you can go for. It costs only $4.25 to $8.25 per square foot to install these roof tiles.

Premium options that look great and provide a luxurious touch to the exterior of your home, like concrete tiles, can cost $11 to $19.80 per square foot. Some clay tiles can cost as much as $24.75 per square foot.

While you can upgrade to a premium roof tile during replacement, make sure the material you choose will last for years to come.


The size of your rooftop also impacts the roof tile repair cost. The bigger your roof, the more it will cost to replace roof tiles.

A 1000-square-foot roof tile replacement will cost around $4,350 to $11,000, and a standard 2000-square-foot roof will set you off by double that. As you can see, there’s a significant difference in the roof tiles replacement cost.

It’s best to consult professional roof installation services that will tell you if the structure needs a total or partial replacement. You may only need to replace the most damaged parts, which may reduce your roof tile replacement cost.

Pitch and Slope

How steep is your roof? If it’s at a very steep angle, then expect the roof tile replacement cost to be higher. This is because of the inherent hazard of working on such a structure—workers need extra gear and lots of experience to do the job safely. You could spend an additional $1,000 to $3,000 in labor charges if your roof pitch is very steep.

Flatter surfaces with low sloping angles are easier to work on and, therefore, cheaper.

Pitch and Slope


The roof installation process is incredibly technical and requires experts at every step, starting from initial consultations to final inspections. You need to hire professionals to get the job done.

The overall cost to repair tile roof depends on how much you spend on consulting fees and manpower. Since it’s such a complex process, labor charges can make up to 60% of the cost to replace tile roof.

Roofing experts will inspect the tiles for damage, suggest the best upgrades, and even advise you on the best time to replace the roof.

You can attempt to DIY your roof replacement if you have experience in the industry, but be extremely cautious if you do so.

Dump Fee

In addition to these direct expenses, you should also account for the dumping fee—an element that many homeowners take for granted. It refers to the price that some roofing companies charge for dumping the waste from roof repairs at landfills.

As you can guess, the dump cost to replace one broken roof tile will be negligible. But if you’re going for a complete roof replacement, the overall roof tile replacement cost will be quite high.

Miscellaneous Expenses

You may also need to secure a permit before starting roof repair and replacement. Most states have specific regulations on complex maintenance work that will add to the cost of replacing tile roofs.

Permits could cost around $100 to as much as $1,000, depending on your location. You may be required to schedule an official inspection, adding to the cost of replacing roof tiles.

To conclude, roof tile replacement costs will differ for two homeowners. This is because the factors affecting the cost of replacing tile roofs will vary from one house to another. It’s best to perform regular inspections to avoid sky-high roof tile repair costs. Get help from your trusted local roofing company, like AMECO Solar & Roofing, to keep your roof safe and secure.